Osmania University -pg courses- affiliated colleges Results

  Osmania University -pg courses- affiliated colleges Results  OSMANIA University  The seventh Nizam of Hyderabad Nawab Osman Alikhan is the founder of Osmania University,This University  brought into existence in 1918. It is the seventh oldest     University in  the country                                       There are 500 private colleges run by educational societies under Osmania University.These colleges offering technical and non-technical courses.  These colleges are located in different district in Telangana region .The University is not giving any financial support to these colleges.

                                         These colleges provide teaching and laboratory facilities to their students.The students  from these colleges after completion of their courses will appear the examinations conducted by the University.About 80% of the student population receive the education from the private affiliated colleges.

                                          The colleges which are administered directly by state Government are comes under the second category.The Government give administrative and financial support to those colleges.

                                           The University is responsible for all the academic matters ,course design,curriculum development,student evaluation,staff development and training.

                                             The colleges those which are in purely domain of private management comes under the third category.The University is offering the following courses.

Osmania University -pg courses- affiliated colleges ,COURSES of Arts and Social Sciences

Sl.NoName of the Course
1M.A  Ancient Indian History Culture and Archaeology (AIHCA)
2M.A  Arabic
3M.A  Journalism and Mass Communication
4M.Lib.science 2 Years Course
 5M.A Economics
6M.A English
 7M.A Hindi M.A History M.A Islamic Studies
 8M.A Kannada
 9M.A Linguistics M.A Marathi
 10Master of Social Work (m.s.w)
 11M.A Persian
12M.A Philosophy
 13M.A Political Science
 14M.A Public Administration
 15M.A Sanskrit
 16M.A Sociology
 17 M.A Telugu
 18 M.A Theatre Arts
19  M.A Theatre Arts
20 M.A Urdu
 21 Master of Commerce (M.COM)

    Osmania University -pg courses- affiliated colleges  Education Courses

Sl.NoName of the Course
1 M.Ed

Osmania University -pg courses- affiliated colleges Master of  Science Courses

Sl.NoName of the Course
1M.Sc Botany
2M.Sc Chemistry
3M.Sc Computer Science
4M.Sc Electronics
5M.Sc Geography
6M.Sc Geo-Informatics
7M.Sc Geology
8M.Sc Mathematics
9M.Sc Physics
10M.Sc Statistics
11M.Sc Zoology
12M.Sc Biochemistry
13M.Sc Biotechnology
14M.Sc Environmental Science
15M.Sc Forensic Science
16M.Sc Genetics
17M.Sc Microbiology
18M.Sc Nutrition & Dietics
Osmania University -pg courses- affiliated colleges Post Graduate  Diploma Courses
Sl.NoName of the Course
1POST GRADUATE DIPLOMA in Archival Science and Manuscriptology
2POST GRADUATE DIPLOMA in Applied Linguistics
3POST GRADUATE DIPLOMA in Child Psychology
4POST GRADUATE DIPLOMA in Digital Information Management
5POST GRADUATE DIPLOMA in Functional Hindi and Translation
6POST GRADUATE DIPLOMA in Geographical Cartography
7POST GRADUATE DIPLOMA in Geographical Cartography
10POST GRADUATE DIPLOMA  in Psychological Counselling
11POST GRADUATE DIPLOMA in Urdu Palaeography
    Osmania University -pg courses- affiliated colleges  Five years Integrated Courses
Sl.NoName of the Course
2Pharmaceutical Chemistry

                      Constituent Colleges

1.University College for Womenwww.oucwkoti.ac.in
2.Nizam Collegewww.nizamcollege.ac.in
3.University College of Science, Saifabadwww.osmania.ac.in/ucssou
4.University PG College, Secunderabadwww.oupgcs.org
5PG College Of Law Basheerbagh www.osmania.ac.in/pgcl/


Sl.NoName of the Colleges
1)University College of Arts & Science
2)University College of Science
3) University College Of Law
4)University College of Commerce & Business Management
5)Institute of Advanced Study in Education
6)University College of Engineering
7)University College Of Technology
8)University College of Physical Education
  1.   List of B.Ed colleges under Osmania University
  2.  List of M.Ed colleges under Osmania University
  3. List of B.P.Ed colleges under Osmania University
  4.  List of Hotel Management colleges under Osmania University
  5.  List of UG courses colleges under Osmania University
  6.  List PG deploma courses colleges under Osmania University
  7.  List of Law colleges under Osmania University
  8. List of Engineering colleges  under Osmania University
  9. List of special courses colleges under Osmania University
  10.    List of Pharmacy colleges under osmania university

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