PhD admissions Indian Institute of Science Bangalore

                  Admission Notification from Indian Institute of Science-Bangalore

                                 Mid Year Admissions for the year-2017

                                     Applications are invited for admissions to the research programs at the  Indian Institute of Science-Bangalore .  For admission to  PhD  eligibility qualifications,specializations areas of research and number of seats and other information candidates may  logon the official website of the institute.

               The website address is  >   Admissions  >  Programs  >  Research > Eligibility.


PhD research programs        Departments    :

1)     Aerospace   Engineering
2)     Chemical   Engineering
3)    Computer    Science  and   Automation
4)    Ecological   Sciences
5)   Electrical   Communication  Engineering
6)    Electrical    Engineering
7)  Electronic    Systems   Engineering
8)   High   Energy   Physics
9)   Instrumentation    and   Applied    Physics
10)   Inorganic   and   Physical Chemistry
11)   Materials   Research
12)  Materials   Engineering
13)   Mechanical   Engineering
14)  Nano  Science  and   Engineering
15)  Physics and Solid state and  structural  chemistry



1)    Qualifying Degree   :   Bachelor’s   degree  in Engineering or Technology or Graduates of 4 years
                                            Bachelor  of   Science.
         Qualifying in national entrance tests :    Valid GATE score and NET JRF is mandatory


2)    Qualifying Degree   :    Master’s degree in Science or Master’s degree in
                                         Economics,  Geography, and social  work,  Psychology,  Management,                                                        Commerce,  Operation research,  Computer Science  and  Applications.
       Qualifying in national entrance tests: Valid GATE Score and NET JRF is mandatory.


3)  Qualifying Degree  :   Masters degree in Engineering or Technology or Architecture or Agriculture or                                              Pharmacy   Veterinary Science.
        Qualifying   in  national   entrance tests :   Valid  GATE  Score and NET JRF.


4)  Qualifying Degree  :  MS  ;  MBA  ;   applicable for the department of management studies                                                        ecological sciences
      Qualifying in national entrance tests  :    desirable to have valid GATE score or NET JRF


5)  Qualifying Degree  :    Bachelor  degree or equivalent in engineering
                  Qualifying in national entrance tests :   desirable  to have valid GATE score or NET JRF
6)   Qualifying Degree  :   MBBS ;  MD

        Qualifying in national entrance tests :   desirable to have valid GATE score or NET JRF



Important Dates
1)   starting date  for  on-line submission   of   applications    :     01-10-2017
2)  last date for online  submission  of  applications  :      31-10-2017
3) Date of Interview    : 20-11-2017   and    21-11-2017
4)   Commencement  of  session    :   01-01-2018

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