Child care leave 90 days telangana Teachers

Child care leave 90 days telangana Teachers for Telangana women teachers ,

who are working in local bodies and government schools  under Department of Education can able to avail up to 90 days of (three months) child care leave,

As per G.O.Ms.No.209,Dated 21-11-2016.These leave can be avail in six spells, (Six different Times)

up to the age of 18 years of the two children.The Headmaster can give this child care leave not exceeding to 15 days,in six spells. in case of disabled children up to 22 years.The child care leave shall be permitted only if the child is dependent on and residing with the women teacher.

Child care leave 90 days telangana Teachers


Public services-recommendations of 10th pay revision commission on child care leave- sanction of child care leave for three  months (ninety days)to the women employees of the state- orders – issued.
Finance (HRM-III)Department
G.O.Ms.No.209 Dated; 21-11-2016
1) G.O.Ms.No;254,FIN&Plg(FR-I)Department,Dt:10-11-1995
2) G.O.Ms.No:152,Finance(FR-I)Department,Dt:4-5-2010
3) G.O.Ms.No:95,G.A.(SPl.A)Department,Dt:28-2-2013.
1)In the Government Order 3rd read above,orders were issued constituting 10th pay revision
commission and Government appointed Sri P.K.Agarwal,IAS (retired)as pay commissioner.
2) The 10th pay revision commission submitted its report to the Government which ,interalia, recommended saction of child care leave to all women employees to look after two eldest children up to the age of eighteen years.
3) Government,after careful consideration of the report ,here by order that women employees of the state Government having minor children be granted child care leave,by the authority competent to grant leave,for a period of three months,not exceeding 15 days in any spell,in the entire service to look after two eldest children up to the age of eighteen years for any of thier needs like examinations ,sickness etc..,(n case of having disabled children to look after up to the 22 years) subject to the following conditions.
a) child care leave of three months can be sanctioned is not less than 6 spells to look after two eldest children up to  the age of 18 years and in case of disabled children up to 22 years.The child care leave shall be permitted only if the child is dependent  on and residing with the government servant.
b) LTC can not be availed during the child care leave.
c) The leave account for child care shall be maintained in the prescribed proforma enclosed and it shall be kept along with the service book of government servant concerned.The leave shall be deducted from the child care leave account.It should not be doubled with regular leave account.
d) The Head of the office shall ensure that the availment of child care leave to an employee will not affect the functioning of the office for which necessary orders depending upon the circumstances of the office may be issued.
e) child care leave can not be constructed as a matter of right.It requires the prior sanction of the competent authority.
f) The women employees shall be paid leave salary equal to the pay drawn immediately before proceeding on leave.
g)child care leave may be combined with leave of any kind due and admissible ,except LTC.
h) The child care leave is admissible during the period of probation also. However,the period of shall be extended to that extent.
i) The existing facility of maternity leave up to 180 days is separate from the child care leave and the child care leave may be sanctioned in continuation of maternity leave or any other leave,other than casual leave and special casual leave.
4) These orders shall come into force with immediate effect.
5) These orders can be accessed at the addresses,

(by order and in the name of the Governor of telangana)
K.Ramakrishna Rao,
PRL.Secretary to the Government

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download G.o Ms No: 209 Dated:21-11-2016 

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