cps missing credits process Govt employees Contributory Pension Scheme

cps missing

cps missing credits process Govt employees Contributory Pension Scheme

A) Procedure to credit the missing amounts by Treasury Officers
 1) Verification procedure for cps missing credits. The Treasury Officers shall verify following documents  of the subscribers  missing credits along with statement of transaction  CPS schedule duly attested by the DDO.  

                   The subscribers can download the prescribed format for cps missing  credits from the website www.treasury.telangana.gov.in   >National Pension System> Form> Missing Credits

                         The Treasury Officers shall check the PRAN status of the subscriber  in CRA NSDL www.npscan-cra.com.  The Treasury Officers shall ensure that the PRAN is mapped to the concerned PAO/treasury.  If a subscriber PRAN is not mapped to nodal office  then he will shift the PRAN to the present PAO/treasury.

              He shall verify the token wise details of monthly account,day book  and reconciliation statement.The treasury officer shall check the details  through the screen  for CPS impact. The Treasury officer shall check the cps amount for that particular month,in case of any doubt.  He shall check the CPS text file.He also watch the amount booked under CPS HOA  

B)  Procedure -transfer of funds for cps missing credits and preparation of scf. 

1)     from 01-09-2004 to 31-03-2011 instructions  issued separately.

2)  The period from 01-04-2011 to 30-09-2016
                The Sub Treasury officer shall verify the details of subscribers missing credits  He shall prepare SCF once in a month.He shall transfer the funds as per the  procedure.He will monitor the process till the scf is matched and booked.

                    He shall monitor the following registers ans records

                       i)  PD cheque issue registers 

                       ii)  pd account ledgers
                       iii)  scf details registers
                      iv)  preserve all the applications received for cps missing credits.
                      v)  send copy of the scf details to DTO

cps missing credits From 01-10-2016 onwards:

 i)   STO verify the subscribers details and submit to the concerned DTO
 ii) DTO once again verify the details and recommends for generation of scf.
    CPS section of DTA process the details and generate SCF for cps missing credits.


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