Leave Rules Govt Employees Teachers PGT TGT SGT For TS Employee

leave rules

Leave Rules Govt Employees Teachers PGT TGT SGT For TS Employee

  According  to  the leave rules FR  67, leave cannot claim as a matter of right.  leave salary shall claim in A.P.T.C Form 47, in regular salary head of the account.  The employees  should  enclose leave sanctioning  proceeding of the head  of the institution to the bill.  The necessary entries have been made in the service register of  the  individuals, by the head of  institutions.

expiry of leave rules

                        As per AP leave rules 1933 ,The sanctioning authority cannot alter nature of  leave already taken by the employees. If a  Government  servant  wanted to join before expiry of leave ,then he or she should apply for permission to cancel the  un expired portion of leave.

                          The employees are entitled for TA, if they recall to duty  before expiry of leave.  The clear address of the employees should  specify in the  leave application of the individuals.
In case of medical leave medical certificate should  enclose  to the application,  In case of medical leave a Government servant should produce  physical fitness certificate to join duty after completion  of medical leave.

 leave rules for Medical Certificate:

              For issuing of medical certificate for non gazetted officer  Civil assistant surgeon is competent , and regarding Gazetted  officers Civil surgeon  is competent.

The Government employees and teachers can avail different types of  leaves.Those are as follows

Types of leave
1) Earned leave
2) Half pay leave
3) Commuted leave on full pay on medical grounds.
4) Surrender leave
5) Leave preparatory to retirement.
6) Extra ordinary leave (EOL)
7) Maternity leave
8) Hospital leave.
9) Special disability leave
10)  Study leave

No leave rules shall be granted to a Government employees for following situations.

1)  When the Government employees decide to dismiss by the disciplinary authority.
2)  When the Government employees decide to remove by the disciplinary authority
3)When the Government employees decide to compulsorily retired from service.


Half Pay Leave rules

1)  The order of sanctioning Earned leave OR Half Pay Leave shall indicate  the balance of such leave at the employees   credit.

2)  A Government servant can not compel against his wishes to take leave  of Half pay when Earned Leave on full is admissible to him.
3)   During the leave period,no employment should be undertaken.
4)  The Government servant is eligible to avail commuted leave on medical certificate is 240 days only.
5)  Commuted leave should be sanctioned on medical certificate  only.
6) Commuted Leave can not be sanctioned on private affairs.
7) When the DDO preparing the proceeding of commuted leave  he should mention the commuted leave already availed on medical certificate.
8) Willful absence from duty can not covered by the grant of kind of leave.It will  treated as dies non.
10) when a Government servant is under suspension,may not be sanctioned any kind of leave. leave.


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